Happyology is a place full of timeless treasures. From whimsical colours to delicate prints, intricate details to refined simplicity, Happyology creates designs that reference to the past and evolve into the future.

Happyology refers to the happiness of childhood. Children’s creativity and their imaginative worlds are the constant inspiration behind the brand. Each of our design is created with children’s needs and lifestyle in mind, handcrafted responsibly to the highest standards. Happyology is a timeless world filled with playfulness and charm to be cherished and shared with families and friends and passed down for generations. 


Unique colour palette, exquisite fabrics and delicate prints make each Happyology style stand out. We design the majority of our prints in-house and develop unique fabrics that celebrate Happyology’s essence.


Intricate embroideries, large hems, soft linings, and assembled patterns – we pay attention to every detail to optimise the look and comfort, and hand embellishes wherever possible to promote traditional craftsmanship.


We put quality at the core of everything we do. Our factory uses the most advanced, efficient and pro-social technologies and practices and implements quality control in every step of our supply chain process.


We offer luxurious quality without a high-end price tag. We believe that every child deserves to be dressed beautifully in quality clothing that is affordable, sustainable and responsibly made with love.