At Happyology, we offer an efficient and straightforward wholesale experience. You can shop wholesale from our website and receive them with no waiting time, just like the way you shop for yourself! Please find our brief wholesale process below:

Wholesale Discount

50% OFF the recommended retail price.

Minimum Order

£1000 after the wholesale discount.

1. Create an account;

2. Browse our website and add items to your cart;

3. Follow the checkout steps;

4. Enter wholesale discount code: WHOLESALE

5. Continue and finish your checkout.

6. Once your order is received and packed, we will send you a shipping fee payment link via email. 

7. We will send out your goods following your shipping payment.

No Order Deadline

There is no order deadline or limits on your reorders. 

Launch As Soon As You Like

We offer wholesale as we launch new lines. All items available on the website are ready to ship within a week and will arrive with you via DHL Express in no time. You may launch the products whenever you like. 


We use DHL Express for delivering your goods. All deliveries are tracked and signed. Please note international shipping is calculated based on volumetric weight instead of the actual weight, therefore shipping fees for AW goods are generally higher than SS goods due to volume. 

HAPPYOLOGY charges the exact shipping cost from official DHL portal with our exclusive commercial discount. If you are not sure about the fees, you are more than welcome to arrange your own shipping, by which we will assist in providing the carton size/weight info.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions

By placing a wholesale order online, you automatically abide by our full wholesale policy: